Journée Python et Data Science in Rennes (Dec 19)

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Lynn Cherny has been invited to speak about data mining job offers at a day of Python and Data Science in University of Rennes I on December 19: "Le Groupe Calcul avec le soutien financier de la Mission pour l’interdisciplinarité du CNRS et du Centre Henri Lebesgue, vous propose une journée consacrée au langage Python, à l'écosystème disponible pour tous les "Data [...]

Lifestyle Research Talks and Workshop

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In partnership with the Lifestyle Research Center at em-lyon, we (ok, Lynn Cherny) are giving a talk and running a workshop on text analysis (without programming!). The conference talks on the theme of digital lifestyles are on Dec 4, and the data analysis workshops are on Dec. 5. Workshop contents: “MAKING SENSE OF DIGITAL [...]

Structure and Information flow in Social Networks

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Ian Davidson, Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis We are honoured to receive Prof. Ian Davidson for this talk. Bio: Ian Davidson is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis ( His research focuses on AI, machine learning, and data mining. He has done major contributions around topics of clustering, and worked on applications to [...]

KIKK Festival Talk on Image Recognition and Poetry

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One of our Data R&D Institute members, Lynn Cherny, gave an invited talk at the 2017 KIKK Festival of arts & technology in Namur, Belgium on 2 November.  The theme of the festival was "Invisible Narratives." Lynn's talk used image recognition APIs (Google Vision and Amazon Rekognition) and object detection using the AI library [...]

Full-time (CDI) Teachers for Data Analytics Courses Needed

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Student interest in our data science and analytics courses is strong and growing.  We need dedicated teaching staff who can teach in English at a variety of levels in our new Data R&D Institute.  We are filling multiple positions of different profile types.   Engineering degrees are not required.  Advanced degrees are not required.  A [...]

em-lyon seeking Research Programmer / Data Science Teacher (full-time)

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Research Programmer & Data Science Teacher (Combined role) The Data R&D Institute, a new initiative in data science and data analytics at em-lyon business school, seeks a part-time teacher, part-time research coder.  We seek a programmer who is flexible and careful, speaks Python, SQL (and no-SQL as needed), some machine learning, Pandas, NLP, and [...]

DiscoverText Text Mining Product Workshop (Paris Campus)

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Register to the workshop here contact: Clement Levallois Associate Professor, emlyon business school November 2, 2017, in Paris, Stu Shulman from Discovertext will present a workshop on using their product for text mining. Adress: emlyon business school, 15 Boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris (just near Gare de Lyon station - train / metro [...]

Mobile loyalty programs: a way to rethink Customer Relationship

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Technology opens up huge opportunities for mobile apps to offer personalized rewards and location-based messaging. In the first section, we will see which technologies are used and which mobile loyalty programs already exist. As mobile loyalty programs are concerned, we can differentiate two main types: On the one hand, coalition programs, that is to [...]

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Principes clés d’une application blockchain

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La notion de transaction peut se définir de différentes manières. Elle peut être considérée comme une opération commerciale ou boursière, un contrat, un accord, ou encore, en informatique, une opération élémentaire de saisie ou de consultation d’information. Plusieurs modèles existent de nos jours. Cependant, tous reposent sur certaines caractéristiques : les deux ou plusieurs [...]

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L’économie collaborative: les prémices d’une refonte profonde des systèmes économiques vers une désintermédiation totale par le blockchain?

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Nous sommes trois étudiantes de l’EMLYON, qui entrons dans une période charnière de notre vie de jeune adulte : nous nous apprêtons à quitter la vie étudiante pour rentrer dans la vie active. On peut facilement imaginer les bouleversements que cela peut impliquer... Tout d’abord nous quittons notre appartement en colocation que nous avions [...]

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