Mini-Conference on Data Visualization and AI

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The program committee for OpenVis Conf in Paris (May 14-16) will be in Lyon giving an afternoon of free talks sponsored by the Data R&D Institute of emlyon business school  and hosted by our partners at IXXI and FIL (Fédération Informatique de Lyon).  There are a limited number of seats available for this event, so we [...]

Program and Workshops Up for OpenVis Conf!

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OpenVis Conference is a boutique event for data visualization and data communication.  After 5 years in Boston, emlyon business school’s Data R&D Institute is hosting it in Paris on May 14-16, with a focus on educational talks from experts on data communication in a visual and interactive form.  You can read about the current conference [...]

Sponsoring OpenVis Conf 2018 (Paris)

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The Data R&D Institute of emlyon is proud to present the first European installment of OpenVis Conf, a 5-year-old popular tech conference on open source web data visualization tools and techniques.  The conference will be held in Paris on May 14-16. The conference, formerly held in Boston, has become a community gathering place for the [...]

How the brain perceives visual information

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Steve Haroz (Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris) We are honoured to receive Steve Haroz for this talk. Bio: Steve Haroz is a postdoc researcher at Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris. His research explores how the brain perceives and understands visually displayed information like charts and infographics. He got his PhD [...]

Lifestyle Research Talks and Workshop

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In partnership with the Lifestyle Research Center at em-lyon, we (ok, Lynn Cherny) are giving a talk and running a workshop on text analysis (without programming!). The conference talks on the theme of digital lifestyles are on Dec 4, and the data analysis workshops are on Dec. 5. Workshop contents: “MAKING SENSE OF DIGITAL [...]

Structure and Information flow in Social Networks

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Ian Davidson, Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis We are honoured to receive Prof. Ian Davidson for this talk. Bio: Ian Davidson is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis ( His research focuses on AI, machine learning, and data mining. He has done major contributions around topics of clustering, and worked on applications to [...]

DiscoverText Text Mining Product Workshop (Paris Campus)

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Register to the workshop here contact: Clement Levallois Associate Professor, emlyon business school November 2, 2017, in Paris, Stu Shulman from Discovertext will present a workshop on using their product for text mining. Adress: emlyon business school, 15 Boulevard Diderot, 75012 Paris (just near Gare de Lyon station - train / metro [...]

Digital night at emlyon – March 16

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Digital Night - March 16, @emlyon Emlyon organizes the Digital Night, a career event for emlyon students on the Ecully campus on March 16, 2017 from 5pm to 11pm. Take part in this event sponsored by the recruiting teams of companies leading in the digital transformation: 3DS, Ada, L'Oréal, Accenture and Artefact. You will be grouped in teams for a [...]

Webinar visualisation des données – dataviz

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Webinar Frenchweb du 08 Février 2017: retrouvez les documents Slides de la présentation dataviz Retrouvez ici tous les liens mentionnés dans la présentation Deux références: Ben Fry, Fondateur de l'agence Fathom: et auteur d'une thèse importante en 2005 ( John Tukey et l'analyse exploratoire des données:  Les exemples [...]