Interview with Soumik Das from Accenture on Big data and Automation in the Sphere of Mining And Minerals

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Interviewer: MUKHERJEE Prabal, Vishal Agarwal, and Prakhar Gupta "- To bring industry knowledge, world class capabilities, innovation and cutting-edge technology to Resources industry (Mining, Metals, Oil & Gas) clients to help them raise their performance to new heights - To work with leading Resources companies, major customers and suppliers to develop and execute global [...]

Interview with Susie LU from Netflix on Data visualization at Neflix

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Interviewer: Jiaying HUA and Lisa (Yiyue) Zheng "Susie is an expert in Data Visualization with complementary skills in design and front end development. Susie has experience using HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, d3.js, and backbone.js. She worked at SVDS as a Senior Data Visualization Developer telling data stories throughout the company for client needs and [...]

Interview with Francesco Grossetti from Bocconi University on Text mining with NLP algorithms on EDGAR database from SEC

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Interviewer: Jocopo Bruno and Dario Gagliardi "My research bridges the areas of applied and computational statistics as well as data mining. I have built up detailed experience in the management, exploration, and application of multiple statistical and machine learning techniques in order to analyse very large databases. My position in the Accounting Department enabled [...]

Interview Caroline Goulard – Dataveyes: How can data visualisation transform daily life?

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Interviewer: Young-Sun EUN Chu-Yun HUANG "Ever since the completion of my studies I have been nurturing a passion for how information can be expressed, shared and understood. Acting on my strong belief that the rich data era will transform the way we work, learn and communicate, I co-founded Dataveyes, a studio specialized in Human-Data [...]

Structure and Information flow in Social Networks

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Ian Davidson, Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis We are honoured to receive Prof. Ian Davidson for this talk. Bio: Ian Davidson is a Professor of Computer Science at UC Davis ( His research focuses on AI, machine learning, and data mining. He has done major contributions around topics of clustering, and worked on applications to [...]

Digital night at emlyon – March 16

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Digital Night - March 16, @emlyon Emlyon organizes the Digital Night, a career event for emlyon students on the Ecully campus on March 16, 2017 from 5pm to 11pm. Take part in this event sponsored by the recruiting teams of companies leading in the digital transformation: 3DS, Ada, L'Oréal, Accenture and Artefact. You will be grouped in teams for a [...]