Program and Workshops Up for OpenVis Conf!

OpenVis Conference is a boutique event for data visualization and data communication.  After 5 years in Boston, emlyon business school’s Data R&D Institute is hosting it in Paris on May 14-16, with a focus on educational talks from experts on data communication in a visual and interactive form.  You can read about the current conference and some background in a blog post by Lynn Cherny.

Our lineup this year includes 2 days of talks by journalists, data scientists, designers, and academic researchers.  We have speakers from the New York Times, The Washington Post, National Geographic, ProPublica, Google’s Brain Team, OpenStreetMap; plus top interactive data designers like Moritz Stefaner and Federica Fragapane and Jan Willem Tulp, and professors from University of Edinburgh, University of Utah, and Northwestern University.  Topics include fallacies in data analysis, design for empathy, designing for visual clarity, understanding neural networks with visualization, using machine learning for data visualization, map design, VR and AR (augmented reality), and 3d graphics.  The program schedule is up now.

This is very much an accessible, how-to kind of conference, not academic papers or vendor talks!  The attendees are journalists, researchers, designers, interactive producers, managers, and consultants. Anyone with data to communicate and an interest in interactivity!  Our attendees have historically come from major digital companies like Accenture, Spotify, Netflix, Bloomberg, AirBnb, Facebook, Nokia.  Tickets are available here.

On the day after the main conference talks, we offer hands-on tutorial workshops for design and coding with browser technologies, available for separate registration.  The workshops include introductions to D3.js, the most famous library for data visualization on the web, as well as special focuses on mapping and satellite image data processing, streaming data, big data, and design processes.  There workshops are available to anyone, even if they can’t attend the main program!   Workshop registration is here.

You can read more about our program in a blog post by Lynn Cherny.

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