Text Mining for Business (Écully)

Text data is a problem for many companies, as it is unstructured and requires special tools and skills to analyse.  However, the most valuable customer feedback usually occurs in text form:  customer care comments, posts on social media, reviews.  Being able to categorize and gain insights into text data is an invaluable skill for today’s data analyst, whether in marketing or product management.

This course is an advanced course that requires MK34 (Python Bootcamp).  In it, students learn how to extract and process text data with Python.  Text data examples covered include social media posts (Twitter API), product reviews, book content, political speeches and emails.  Analysis methods include sentiment, word counts, clustering, categorization, topic modeling.  A final programming project will show off the entire course’s skills when students analyze a set of product reviews and produce client recommendations based on the content.  (This course is individual work, not group work.)

Course code: MK993

INSTRUCTOR: Visiting expert and Lynn CHERNY

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