Python Bootcamp (Écully and remote)

The Python Bootcamp introduces new programmers to the Python programming language, using the Jupyter notebook.  The course is oriented towards future data analysis courses, and will cover the basics of variables, error handling, loops and lists, dictionaries, reading and parsing simple data files, counters, string operations.  It is taught as a 3 week course, requiring online reading, weekly exercises, and quizzes on the reading.  This course is a pre-requisite for other advanced data analysis courses such as Python Data Analysis (MK347), Text Mining for Business (MK993), Web Database Programming (MK349), and Machine Learning (340).

There is a remote section for students who cannot participate face-to-face.  In exceptional circumstances, a student who has already learned Python can take a programming project test and if their code is good, they won’t have to register for this before the advanced courses.

Course code: MK34

INSTRUCTORS: Visiting Expert and Lynn CHERNY.

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