CODAPPS (Écully)

With CODAPPS you will create a mobile app for mobile phones and tablets. Why would you learn this in a business school? Mobile apps have become a key vector to deliver value: for communication with clients, added services, or they can even represent the product itself.

This is true for every industry, not just pure players like Google or Facebook: hostels, health, finance, insurances, retail, but also NGOs, public administrations and the cultural industry.

It might be possible to become a manager without understanding a thing about how mobile apps work, in practice. But at emlyon business school we train managers able to go the step beyond and who can actually act on their environment because they understand it better. The step of coding an app by yourself during your education at emlyon will make you increase your awareness of the concrete challenges and opportunities that mobile apps offer for managers.

No prerequisites for this course. If you already know how to code apps, you will be assigned a special project. Happy coding!

Course code: CODAPP


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