Artificial Intelligence Apps for Business (Écully)

This course provides a detailed introduction to the data algorithm revolution occurring in cutting-edge businesses today. We start with an understanding of the value of “big data,” introduce machine learning in general, and then cover artificial intelligence with a focus on neural net applications for image and text analysis.  We finally cover algorithmic bias and ethics in data product design, as well as user experience aspects related to privacy and “explainable” algorithms.

While not a programming class, the content is quite technical, and there is a a large amount of reading required.   There will be in-class demos and data curation work.  There are weekly quizzes on the reading and videos, mandatory in-class activities, and a final data design project (group work).  After this course, students should feel more comfortable assessing vendor claims about AI products, managing data product design, and working with data science engineers.

Course code: MK348


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