Mobile loyalty programs: a way to rethink Customer Relationship

Technology opens up huge opportunities for mobile apps to offer personalized rewards and location-based messaging.

In the first section, we will see which technologies are used and which mobile loyalty programs already exist. As mobile loyalty programs are concerned, we can differentiate two main types:

  • On the one hand, coalition programs, that is to say third parties partnering with various brands, stores and shops. In this case, the user has a unique app for many different brands or stores and all personalized offers are gathered in one app.
  • The second type is about brand-funded mobile loyalty programs. In this case, the brand builds its own mobile loyalty program: the whole ecosystem is internal and tailored for the company. We will draw a state-of-the-art of the existing coalition programs in France compared to the United States, before focusing on China in the second section. China was a pioneer in mobile shopping, and has successfully adapted to its customers who are very mobile-sensitive.

Finally, we will see in the last section that an increasing number of companies are likely to transition to a mobile offering. Challenges have to be overcome, in order first to build a mobile loyalty program and more generally to make the transition to the digital.

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Amandine Hudavert
Amandine HudavertAccount Executive @ Sociomantic Labs, final-year Master student @ EMLyon Business School
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